Get The Blessing – Lope and Antilope

Jazz drumming is too hard for me to play (well, probably, never tried it) but seems to be led by the ride cymbal and not, as in rock, by snare and kick drum. Get The Blessing is another category (ii) jazz band (see Ant Law, below) but I’d venture to suggest that that difference between […]

Ant Law – Entanglement

There are – officially – three types of jazz, which is a style of music that attracts adherents as dedicated to the cause as Smiths fans. These are : (i) New Orleans / Dixieland / trad, which has tunes and melody, can sometimes reference hymns, features men with umbrellas, and is fun; (ii) Clint Eastwood […]

Rory Gallagher Kickback City

Rory Gallagher: he might be dead, but he’s going to write this review for us. Over you, Rory . . . . This town could take a child’s smile / And turn it into stone. Just look right over here / Back up against the wall / Hands on the bottle. My baby’s done me […]

Keziah Jones Captain Rugged and Manu Chao Clandestino

We’ve spent all week playing these two excellent albums, both of which would fall into the genre of “world”, though we’re getting increasingly tired of typing that to describe music that’s just not USA-influenced RnB or pop. Keziah Jones’s album is a quality prog / funk / pop / reggae album that just happens to […]

12 Years A Slave

This being an important film, this is not just a soundtrack it’s curated, by John Legend. So it’s surprising that he picks Hi-NRG disco as the soundtrack, a genre that’s the least suitable . . . only joking but he could have done, as this is an “audio companion” to the film, ie not actually […]

Glenn Tilbrook Happy Ending

Instantly recognisable as one of — if not the main — name behind perennial favourites Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook’s fifth non-Squeeze album is what you’d expect from one of the best songwriters of recent times: thoroughly pleasant and easy to listen to, full of instant hooks, catchy tunes and the usual assemblage of cleverly crafted lyrics. […]

Billie Joe and Norah – Foreverly

Our opinion of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong changed after watching the documentary that came with the re-issue of Tres! just before Christmas. He might be a tattooed punk with an addiction problem but he came over as a talented and hard-working musician. Plenty of musicians do projects away from their day jobs and this […]

Manu Chao – Sibérie M’était Contée

You can’t beat a bit of world music, says the Review Corner (ignoring the fact the Daniel O’Donnell lives in the world and makes music), so when this dropped just before Christmas, we registered high on the delight scale. José-Manuel Thomas Arthur “Manu” Chao sings in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician, Arabic, and Portuguese, and […]

Parov Stelar – The Art of Sampling

We’ve never heard of Mr Stelar (his mum, Mrs Furender, knows him as Marcus) but he sounds like the European equivalent of Mr Scruff. This is his ninth solo set since 2004. It’s a decent dance/pop album with lots of danceable tunes on it, without going too far into any one genre. Disc one is […]

Polly Scattergood – Arrows

We saw Polly Scattergood at the Latitude festival a few years back. Her mum and dad were in the audience (it was a small stage in the woods) and it was all very nice. Despite us making the effort to walk all the way over to see her, we could also see why she’s not […]