Turner – This Is Turner

Turner — she has no first name as far as this goes — is a talented singer who’s sung with Elbow, toured with DC Fontana and is in demand as a session singer. And now she’s probably finding out how hard it is to be the main act on your own merits. All credit to […]

Neil Young – Live At The Cellar Door

Young is gradually to be releasing every recording he ever made, and this one is almost a sister album to Live at Massey Hall 1971, recorded in a larger venue just after Live At The Cellar Door. There’s a newspaper cutting in the sleeve that contains the headline “Two sides of Neil Young” and this […]

Albums of the year 2013

Most publications that review music (or anything) have their “best of” lists; it’s not so much an indication of quality but more that they have space to fill over Christmas and there’s not much going on. As far as papers like the NME go, if Arctic Monkeys released a blank CD, it’d still be album […]