Glass Caves: Alive

We reviewed this a couple of weeks ago, using a faulty CD that skipped a couple of tracks. Now equipped with a fully working download, we’re going to plug them again, as they’re very good. Think Arctic Monkeys with a slick polish and sparkle (which you could read as “Arctic Monkeys having lost their edge” […]

Kasse Mady Diabaté: Kirike

We’ve been enjoying this album from the Mali musician, which goes back to the roots of his music, which we’d guess is religious or at least mystical. Tinariwen are also from Mali, and for comparison, this is like an acoustic version of them. Like much of this kind of music, the songs here lay down […]

Ruby Hughes, Komalé Akakpo, Martin Gester: Venetian Christmas

Note the title: this is how they celebrated Christmas in Venice, not how we do now. We’d guess there wasn’t carol singing and reflecting on the shallowness of collecting material goods during one’s brief sojourn on Earth. Nope, it would be lavish: draw the Venetian blinds down over the Venetian windows, don the fancy masks […]

Kill It Kid: You Owe Nothing

We were expecting some kind of indie pop band from the name. The opening track took revenge for this preconception by beating us around the head with a length of nail-hard blues and dowsing us in spit and sawdust. They’re so hard they make Royal Blood sound like One Direction. OK, perhaps that’s an exaggeration […]

Ruth Wilkinson, Miriam Morris, John O’Donnell: Handel’s Recorder

This album is pretty well what it implies: Handel, played on recorder. It’s noteworthy because it features three of Australia’s leading early-music specialists (it was recorded in collaboration with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), playing instruments made to as closely resemble the ones of the time as possible, tuned as per in their day. The major […]