Roxette: The 30 Biggest Hits XXX

Roxette are one of those bands about whom we know nothing. This was quite a surprising fact: we asked other people, who knew equally little: they just had lots of good tunes and there was two of them. Someone suggested that the woman had a nice hairstyle; someone else remembered that a song was in […]

David Gorton: Orfordness

We don’t struggle with much but we did with this. Gorton is clearly a clever chap — he’s associate head of research studies at the Royal Academy of Music — and uses instrumentation, electronics and samples. Musically, it’s discordant and unsettling, the kind of music enjoyed by people who don’t just want their music to […]

Brian Current: Airline Icarus

Aeroplanes are a thing in culture. This reviewer wrote some lyrics for a song about a plane crashing, about that side of flying in which people don’t really like to talk to their neighbours or interact in any way, particularly on long haul (the last five minutes excepted, when you’re about to land and you […]

Assi Karttunen: Beyond the River God

Sometimes you’ll read about modern bands whose music closely resembles that of Bach. We think Oasis underwent such analysis once, and they stole it all from The Beatles, for whom similar comparisons can thus be made. In this case, the opposite applies, for the first part of this enjoyable CD of harpsichord music is the […]

Ghost Culture: Ghost Culture

This is a very cool album, though it gets a bit samey towards the end. Ghost Culture is electronic musician James Greenwood and one of label Phantasy Sound’s newer signings; he’s had help from Erol Alkan and Daniel Avery making this. It opens with the nice Avery throb of Mouth, the minimalistic sound being reminiscent […]

The Slow Show: White Water

An excellent, if slightly left-field album, The Slow Show present a mix of the atmospheric and arty, as if David Bowie was the Big Black Goth and not the Thin White Duke. Dresden, a former single, opens with a male voice choir sound-alike before piano and spoken word. It sounds in places like something from […]

Toc: Haircut

We know very little about TOC, as the internet is not forthcoming. They’re on the Circum-disk label, a collective of jazz musicians based in the Malterie in Lille, France. Toc is a trio and the Circum-disk website seems to say that the album name is because they seek to “cut, equalise and often uncurl” music. […]

Sundowners: Sundowners

Sundowners (we’ve typed the same word out three times now) have a head start: co-producer is The Coral’s James Skelly, whose brother and sister Alfie and Fiona play guitar and sing respectively, which probably means the band skipped many of the early pitfalls newbies fall into. Not that The Coral should be a reference point: […]

Dutch Uncles: O Shudder

And wasn’t this one welcome in the Review Corner? We loved their second album Cadenza back in 2011 and even went to see them tour, but follow up third album Out of Touch, In the Wild was just dull. We were sad. Now they’re back with a fourth (the debut self-titled album came out on […]

Mary Dullea: Gothic, New Piano Music From Ireland

After all the loud music we’ve had on this week, this has been a real pleasure, aided and abetted by the fact that Audible’s talking book version of Dracula has also been playing. You can never have enough Gothic. The contents of the CD can be guessed from the title. It features works by Ed […]