The Overtones: Sweet Soul Music

The Overtones do for music what Disney does for Gothic slasher movies. This is the finest soul music, created by people with, well, soul, and put through The Overtones rinsing machine to become bland albeit beautifully presented pop. As entertainment for people who want some nice tunes, we can’t fault it. They all have nice […]

Purple: [409]

Purple are a band we can imagine going to see at the Sugarmill, getting there to find the venue packed with young people who know every word to every song and mosh madly down at the front while the band goes bonkers on stage. It would be a short gig, as this is their only […]

Spectrum Orchestrum: Suburbs

There is nothing more likely to warm the hearts of the Review Corner than a polite email from a Frenchman asking if we would review his band, especially when the forthcoming EP (though it’s long) subsequently turns out to be lovingly packaged with an imaginatively designed sleeve. Prelude opens the EP gently and is slightly […]

Nadine Shah: Fast Food & Denai Moore: Elsewhere

Female singers with exotic names are like buses: you wait ages for one and then, well you know the rest. We’ll start off with Shah, as she’s the one about whom there’s a bus, sorry buzz. We’ve seen her compared to PJ Harvey but she’s more reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees, at least the […]

Odinn Baldvinsson, Patricia Romero: Cantilena II

Odinn Baldvinsson, Patricia Romero Cantilena II The main appeal of this charming album is how the flute and piano meld — the two musicians work really well together. We’re struggling to say much about the music itself (and curse the fact that no-one seems to review other than the big-name classical CDs): these are delicate […]

Chilly Gonalez: Chambers

After being mean about three new bands, we’re slightly down on Chilly as well, and we’ve got all his albums. Never mind: he’s Canadian, so he’ll just be polite about it. You’ve all heard Chilly’s music: he won a Grammy for his collaboration with Daft Punk and composed the inaugural Apple iPad campaign music, Never […]

Erik Simmons: Carson Cooman: Masque (music for organ)

We reviewed a church organ album the other week, and just couldn’t be doing with it. Very discordant and unsettling. This, on the other hand, is very different and we’ve been playing it over and over all week. If you told us a while ago that we’d be moaning about pop bands and praising church […]

The Last Vinci: The Last Vinci

This radio-friendly rock album from Turin/Cork based The Last da Vinci came out on 2nd March according to the Press release but we’ve had it before — it came out sometime last year, we think. It’s a hard album to review: they’ve put a lot of love and effort into making this record and in […]

Evans The Death: Expect Delays

The NME gave this 8/10 but we’re not sure we would agree. More like seven. Evans The Death — which is a good name for a band — play retro indie pop that we ought to like more than we do. It’s characterised by strong female vocals and an early 80s sound, with a soul […]

Flowers: Do What You Want, It’s What You Should Do

We think Flowers are one of those trendy bands that everyone is going to rave about; big spreads in the NME after a handful of gigs, that sort of thing. This album is produced by Bernard Butler and the Press release talks about their genius. Sadly we are unconvinced. The opening song from the trio […]