I Am Kloot: Live – Hold Back The Night

We think it’s true to say that we were staggered about how good this album was. It’s maybe not Elbow but it was certainly as good as them in parts and reminiscent of Sniff And The Tears. They particularly reminded us of an Irish band called Aslan, who are big over there but not so […]

Kammerchor Michaelstein: Rolle – 31 Motets

Rolle was described by a contemporary as benevolent, moderate and with good breeding, and his personality is reflected in his music; it is these qualities that presumably made his music so popular during his lifetime. He was born in 1715 and died in 1785, but by 1825 he had been largely forgotten. He composed his […]

Thomas Truax: Jetstream Sunset

Truax (pr True Axe) came out of the antifolk movement in New York in the late 90s — according to Wikipedia his contemporaries included Beck — but Truax seems to have avoided fame and followed a steam punk route. He decided that his USP (a terrible Apprentice acronym he would probably never use except ironically) […]

Frank Sinatra: Ultimate Sinatra

Francis Albert was born 100 years ago this December — yes, Frank is as old as the First World War — so we can expect much in the way of Frankobilia in the coming months. The first question must be why you should be interested in a man who’s been dead for some time and […]

Various: WW 2.0

We like a lot of the classical CDs we review — particularly the modern classical — simply because they are interesting. This electronic album is equally interesting and shows that the line between classical and pop is a thin one; indeed it closes with a piano piece. It’s a compilation from WW Records and over […]