George Enescu: Violin and Piano Works (2)

If you’re new to classical music, this is almost the definition of what you would like to expect. Lively and easy to listen to, rich and full of energy, it’s classical music without the pretension. The opening section could easily be from a modern dance tune with a big staccato intro and then some mid-tempo […]

Slug: Ripe

As soon as we heard this, we thought: Field Music. And we couldn’t have been more right. Slug is, who plays bass in Field Music’s touring band (which means we’ve seen him a couple of times). Field Music’s Brewis Bros lent Black their studio and produce/play. Fans of Field Music should buy this as it’s […]

Luke Whitlock: Flowing Waters

We tend to listen to the CDs a few times through before we read the sleeve notes, and this rather beautiful CD from Mr Whitlock had a dozen plays before we could press pause. (He’s Mr Whitlock because we like the cut of his jib: he looks like clothes aren’t top of his priorities, so […]

Quatuor Danel: New Sounds From Manchester

We’ve been enjoying this new CD from Quatuor Danel, the quartet in residence at the University of Manchester. On this CD they present new compositions by four English composers associated with the university, two (John Casken and Philip Grange) already quite well known (so the Press notes say) and two younger ones, Camden Reeves and […]

Barbara Westphal, Christian Ruvolo: Convergences

It’s early Saturday morning, the children are fighting, the washing machine is on and you’re trying to make some breakfast for the warring siblings. How do you extract some peace from a noisy morning? This latest recording from viola virtuoso Barbara Westphal might be the answer. She and pianist Christian Ruvolo perform viola transcriptions she […]

Timeshares: Already Dead

Without wanting to sound like sad music geeks, we didn’t have to look it up to know this was on the reliable SideOneDummy Records. SideOne helped to break Gaslight Anthem and its stable of artists usually has that blue collar Springsteen punk rock ‘n’ roll feel to them. Serious musicians playing serious music to have […]

Rob J Madin: Cracked Shattered and Pop

And then there are albums that utterly defy classification. Madin is best known for his comedy creation Brett Domino, who does slightly geeky musical comedies — he’s got 20 million hits on YouTube and did a Comic Relief song. He’s also C-Bomb, a slightly geeky dubstep producer in Sheffield, who had a pilot television show. […]

Major Lazer: Peace Is The Mission

Summer is here, well nearly, and Major Lazer (aka Diplo plus chums) is also here, offering a soundtrack for all your BBQs or parties. Previous Major Lazer CDs have not so much been albums as compilations of dance tracks and this no different. Opener Be Together is a slower song but after this measured opening […]

Blur: The Magic Whip

We’re with Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac on “Thou Shalt Always Kill” – Blur, just a band. We don’t worship the ground they walk on and in fact play Graham Coxon’s solo stuff more. We were slightly baffled by the restrictions attached to the streamed copy of this — we couldn’t even tell people […]

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis: Loin Des Hommes (Soundtrack)

As if he didn’t have enough to do, on top of the Bad Seeds / Cave / Grinderman work, Brighton’s most visible resident also does movie soundtracks. (This isn’t really classical but it’s what we listened to this week). We bought the bleak film The Proposition some years ago, because Cave wrote the music and […]