Restorations: LP3

Restorations might not be ambitious when it comes to album titles (the last one was LP2) but they’ve got much bigger ideas when it comes to music. They’re on SideOneDummy records and we remember the last album has being very Gas-light Anthem / Springsteen / heartland rock in sound. Workman-like, more than anything. This new […]

Joanna Gruesome: Peanut Butter

The most surprising thing about this album is that Rolling Stone reviewed it. We’d guess a mention in RS is something many bands dream of, so why a cult noise/punk outfit from Car-diff should make it we don’t know. They’ve got interesting back-story: the name is a reference to harp-playing Joanna Newsom, whose music is […]

Malpas: Rain River Sea

This isn’t out until 27th July but we’re plugging it now so you can get head of the curve and find them early. The opener is Under Her Sails, a song we’ve had on repeat for some time. It’s a gentle, quirky electronic track that’s crisp and appealing mix of folk and ambient electronica that’s […]

Simi Stone: Simi Stone

Stone, half of The Duke and the King, has produced an album that’s a bit like going on a bender on expensive wine. The first couple of glasses are beautiful but after that; well, you’re half a bottle of wine into the session and it doesn’t matter. Somewhat similarly: the first few tracks on this […]

Michael Habermann: Sorabji, Piano Music

It’s impossible to say anything bad about this, to be honest. Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji was born Leon Dudley Sorabji in Chingford, his father being a civil engineer of Parsi parentage from Bombay. As a teenager, Sorabji took interest in the work of Schoenberg, Mahler and Debussy among others and eventually created his own system of […]

Twin Shadow: Eclipse

It’s good to have an artist making pop for adults, and we’ve been playing Twin Shadow a lot. The initial impression — for older readers — is John Hughes and Atlantic 252. For younger readers, the latter was an Irish music station broadcasting on longwave, playing American-style radio friendly hits: Richard Marx was on a […]