Neil Young: Neil Young and Bluenote Café

This live two-CD set offers up an unexpected side of Young, his blues and (almost) big band sound. It’s an intimate set that features seven unreleased songs. Standouts include the closing tracks on each CD, a smoky, jazz blues Twilight and a 20-minute version of Tonight’s The Night. The recordings are from the Bluenotes tour […]

Emilie and Ogden: 10,000

This CD is a little too unassuming for its own good; it’s endearing and entertaining but just a little too quiet to really snag your attention, which is less than it deserves. Mind you, harp-led music can tend towards twee and there’s nary a sign of tweeing here, which is good. Emilie Kahn is a […]

Frankie Lee: American Dreamer

… and coming up on the inside is this contender for album of the year, though it takes one or two plays for its many charms to become apparent. This is an excellent, if low key, album, somewhere between Stevie Nicks (for the vocals) and Mark Knopfler (rootsy country with gentle guitar noodling) for the […]

Enya: Dark Sky Island

We struggle with Enya; we like ambient and New Age music, but Enya seems content (who wouldn’t be, given her sales?) to churn out albums that are aimed more at the garden centre than the record store. It’s as diffuse (and about as interesting) as a damp autumn mist. Dark Sky Island is her first […]

CeeLo Green: Heart Blanche

This has received a few mixed reviews so we were surprised how good it was. While it’s not original, it hits a consistently high standard and it’s an upbeat, positive album. Younger listeners will appreciate the slick tunes and dance/soul that’s a cut above most music around, older folk will like the references to past […]

Kylie: Christmas

If you’ve got a tenner to blow on a CD you’ll play for a couple of days and then put in a drawer for a year, this is as good as any. It opens with a lavish theatrical/ big band production of It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, followed by a lower key […]

Chorusgirl: Chorusgirl

The Press release calls this band a “noise pop” quartet, that description being the one of choice when you can’t think of anything else to say. As opposed to the “silent pop” bands, maybe. We played this through several times before it caught; if you don’t pay attention it’s easy to dismiss, but it’s got […]

The Danish Piano Trio: Danish Romantic Piano Trios

  This lovely debut album sees The Danish Piano Trio present a beautiful collection of piano based music and it was only when playing it after a long hard day that we appreciated its virtue. The trio is newly-formed and comprises three of Denmark’s top musicians: pianist Katrine Gislinge, cellist Toke Møldrup and violinist Lars […]

Meat Wave: Delusion Moon

We’ve had this playing for several weeks, but each week have been unable to say much about it. We started dropping classical CDs in the Review Corner for the challenge of listening to music we knew nothing about, but if all albums were like this we’d be doing nothing but punk. If there was entry […]