Mind Enterprises: Idealist

  We liked this more than Frøkedal (posted below/yesterday) but it just proves how tastes differ. You could argue this was bland, inoffensive electronic pop that merits a bit more edge and and that Frøkedal has the voice of angel, but we’re writing this and not you. The title track opens and a tune Rob […]

Frøkedal: Hold On Dreamer

  We’ve played this over and over and can’t get a handle on it. It’s her voice, which seems to suck out any excitement. Harsh, very harsh, we know, but it has to be said. The sign of where it fails comes on The Sign, a cheery indie pop tune with nice drums; if the […]

Burkard Schliessmann: Chronological Chopin

This 3CD box set (Super Audio CD) is self-explanatory by the title, and it seems pointless to type out Schliessmann’s extensive sleeve notes, which range from the technical to the more understandable to laymen such as ourselves (“Chopin was a gifted tunesmith”). Schliessmann writes at length about Chopin’s genius and technical brilliance and while Schliessmann […]

Weder/Berliner Camerata Chopin: Piano Concertos 1&2

We started reviewing classical CDs in the Review Corner to try and appreciate the genre more, and our enjoyment of this album and the one below surely means it’s a case of mission accomplished. As far as this goes, we can’t say much about Chopin, as his genius precedes him. This CD sees Joseph-Maurice Weder, […]

Coasts: Coasts

Single Oceans, which even we’ve heard on the radio, opens this album and sets the tone. A massive, catchy chorus, a sunny day feel, slick and commercial — it’s entertaining and pleasing to listen to, even uplifting in places, but we’ve heard it all before. Even at 37 minutes there’s a bit of padding. Name […]

Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Come Find Yourself

The 20th anniversary “expanded edition box set” of what the Press release calls “a modern classic” offers all the FLC you could ever want. They’re an interesting band: over in the States we’ve mentioned them to music-loving Americans only to be met with blank stares. Only Scooby Snacks was a hit over there, and we […]

Hinds: Leave Me Alone

This all-girl band from Madrid are going to be all over the shop this year, as youngsters discover how exciting music can be. Older fans will have heard it all before, The Troggs Wild Thing onwards. It’s got a definite ramshackle charm, albeit one that fades a little as the album plays through. A bit […]

Balsamo Deighton: Unfolding

We’ve had this for some weeks and we’ve played it a lot. It’s modern English pop/country and while there is nothing outstanding, it’s written and played to the highest standards. Some songs have got close to being earworms — Light In The Dark is one — and we love the guitar solo on the harmonica-laden […]

Phil Collins: Face Value / Both Sides

It’s not quite up there with Blackadder going over the top or Del Boy missing the bar and falling over, but one truly great television moment was the opening episode of Miami Vice: Crockett and Tubbs drive down a waterfront road in a Ferrari Daytona Spyder, racing to a show-down. The soundtrack that made it […]

Leo Brouwer: Bandurria and Guitar Music

This does what it says on the label: Cuban Leo Brouwer is acknowledged as one of the most challenging and innovative of contemporary composers, and this is his music for bandurria — a lute-type instrument dating back to the c16th — and guitar. The former is perennially popular in South America, says the Press notes. […]