EPs – Meadowlark, John Parry

Meadowlark:  Paraffin We’ve been doing this reviewing lark man and boy for 15 years or so and Meadowlark’s last EP is one of our favourite releases over that period. It came out last year but rarely a week goes by without us playing it. It’s an aural relaxant; nice melody but chilled and the dreamy […]

Trio Ismena: Five Danish Piano Trios

Since we started reviewing classical CDs, we’ve noticed two things: most CDs get no reviews at all and many reviews that do appear don’t say much. “It’s good to have a chance to hear all five works so superbly played,” says the Music Web review of this, which is 100% true but 100% uninformative — […]

Philip Wood: Sonnets, Airs and Dances: Songs and Chamber Music

We’ve played this over and over but we can’t, sad to say, find an angle to hang a review on. It’s 24 tracks and Wood has gathered 11 years’ worth of composition; all the pieces were gifts or gestures of goodwill towards people he knows. Maybe that’s the reason it never takes off; all the […]

Christine and the Queens: Chaleur Humaine

Christine (really Héloïse Letissier, but those accents and spellings are far too European for us Brits) could build herself a house if she turned all the glowing reviews she’s collecting into bricks. (There’s an analogy that didn’t go as well as expected). It’s clearly a good album, to get all those glowing reviews, but it’s […]

White Denim: Stiff

This is such a good album it’s almost a triviality having to write anything. “It’s really good, buy it”, is about the sum of it. The name White Denim is a bad one for a band that plays such lush, classic rock, and the sleeve is pretty dire. Instead of the lairy indie rock you’d […]

Man Made: Television Broke My Brain

This album from new band Man Made is addictive as crack. At first play through we thought it was enjoyable, solid power pop. At the second play through it all sounded happily familiar and at the fourth play we had to force ourselves to take it off the CD player and do some work. Opener […]

Steven James Adams: Old Magick

One of the Review Corner’s favourite band stories concerns Steven James Adams’s former group, The Broken Family Band, back when he was merely Steven J Adams. All the band members had good jobs, so band money was band money only. One night while on tour, they went out for a meal and blew the entire […]

Sami Junnonen: The Chant Enchanted

We’ve been enjoying this album by flautist Sami Junnonen, though it’s hard to describe. It’s an album of flute music by a Finn (he was born in 1977 in Tampere) but at various places sounds English (Vaughan Williams) and European (Bach/Mozart/chamber music) and at other times exotic — one featured composer is Michio Miyagi, an […]

Jeff Buckley: You And I

Poor old Jeff: died too young after rashly going swimming in a big river with his boots on, leaving us with one album and memories of a fantastic voice. That lone album Grace contains his cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, one of the finest tracks ever recorded. Never mind scouring the world for inspiration, Nasa […]

Deltino Guerreiro: Eparaka

Guerreiro is from Mozambique and while you could call this world it’s actually pop, Guerreiro drawing in influences from a variety of musical cultures. It most reminded us of Moonflower vintage Santana, which combined the energy of Brazil with tribal rhythms and western rock. Guerreiro developed his sound travelling from the north to the south […]