Selah Sue: Reason

Belgium produces some great music: we bought a stack of quality indie CDs (Boy And the Echo Choir, Nox) from a shop in Brussels (near the weeing nipper, if you’re over). Rock band Triggerfinger are from Lier, and we had to buy tickets to see the Rolling Stones to catch them live in Hyde Park. […]

Cosmic Machine: The Sequel

This is Because Music’s second collection of French electronica from the 70s and 80s, and we found it more entertaining than volume one, which was more up and down. It’s a bit later on in the era and there’s the Chic guitar influence, those fake disco flutes that were trendy for a while and even […]

Mammal Hands: Floa

This is out on trumpeter Matthew Halsall’s Manchester-based Gondwana Records, and you know you’re going to get something good from Gondwana. Other bands on the label include Halsall himself and GoGo Penguin, as well as newly-signed Mammal Hands. The label releases jazz but it’s a modern, accessible jazz that sounds fresh and is always pleasing. […]

Boy Jumps Ship: Wake Up

Opening song Burn on this debut from the British four-piece suggests a heavier rock band than the album delivers; it’s a verging-on-heavy melodic rock tune with some nice solo guitar. It reminded us a little of lamented Norwegian rock band Span, who played accessible heavy rock. But as we say, it’s a fake start; the […]

Dead Buttons: Some Kind of Youth

While LUH (elsewhere) try to create excitement by having an existential moment or two, Dead Buttons use rock n roll played fast and loud. It works much better. This is a great album and the first one in ages to make us go “Whoooa!” It’s a bit of of a mish-mash styles, all linked together […]

Deftones: Gore

We like Deftones but they’re hard to review: they’re just Deftones. They sound like Deftones and their sound is very Deftones. This new album is like Deftones, but quieter. For those who don’t know, Deftones are nominally metal but it’s a singular metal. It’s like a wall of sound, dominated by singer Chino Moreno, who […]

Cyndi Lauper: Detour

We don’t know much about Lauper other than the hits (Girls Just Want to Have Fun, True Colours etc). That aside, though we know she’s had a long and successful career. Given her wacky persona, an album of country covers might not work but this does and it’s entertaining: pop enough for a general audience, […]

LUH: Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

In 2011 LUH’s Ellery Roberts was part of Wu Lyf, a wilfully mysterious band whose self-funded debut Go Tell Fire to the Mountain was excellent. The band faffed about being clever with PR and marketing and then split. It was an excellent album, a novel, reverb-heavy mix of indie and tribal beats, “a cosmic soup” […]

Mudcrutch: Mudcrutch 2

Mudcrutch is the band Tom Petty was in before he became an American hero. It was formed in 1970 by Petty and Tom Leadon and since it split the other players have all continued to work as musicians, quite successfully until you compare them to Petty. Petty reformed Mudcrutch a while back and an album […]

Bouche: So Long Solemn

This Kickstarter-funded debut album from Bouche is slow and with a lot of silence; if you half listen it sounds a bit sedate and quiet so you have to pay attention. The music is somewhere between jazz, blues and folk, though it was the mariachi-style trumpet in The Storm that first caught our ears. The […]