Biffy Clyro: Ellipses

We’ve been fans of Biffy in the Review Corner for yonks, from back when they were three wee lads from Glasgow making in-your-face rock that was somewhere between metal and prog. Since then they’ve become bigger and bigger and the sound has evolved to this. It’s a bit Thin Lizzy, whose early albums are much […]

Little Brother: Eli Cold Tales

No-one likes a smart alec graduate turning up and telling them what to do at work, with all the experience a piece of paper brings, and no-one seems to like a slick rock band that turns up anthem-ready. Like learning on the job at work, we expect bands to play the toilet circuit and evolve […]

Just So 2016

Just So stalwart David Gibb leads the campfire singing. Rode Hall’s Just So festival must be the only event in the country where a children’s entertainer dressed as a mad professor – recently returned from space and turned into a baby – can walk off stage and disappear into the crowd. He doesn’t stand out […]

The Limiñanas: Malamore

This came out in June and we’ve dipped into it over the weeks without getting much back. Then we went to the Blue Dot festival at Jodrell Bank, heard lots of pscychadelic rock and got straight into it. The Limiñanas are from Perpignan and there’s a fair amount of French on here, though non-Frenchman Peter […]

Peter Sarstedt: England’s Lane

Sarstedt is best known for Where Do You Go To My Lovely, which he wrote, and reached number one in 14 countries. It features on the rather lacklustre Ab Fab film soundtrack, which we reviewed, but, curious as to where he was now, we found that this had been re-released earlier in the year and […]

Jeff Finlin Life: After Death

This is another album to beat anyone who says “there’s no good music any more” over the head with, before administering a blow to the temples. True, Finlin is a veteran performer who has a decent fan base but not his own Wikipedia page; he’s probably one of those people whose fans can’t believe he’s […]

Diana Boyle: Mozart Sonatas

This came out in May and it’s been played a lot — it’s very relaxing on Press day as deadlines loom — and we assumed we’d given it a glowing review. Oops, sadly not. It’s a lovely CD. Boyle makes the music sound fresh yet soothing. As with much gentle solo piano music of a […]

Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer

“The revolution will be televised” via a loud hailer effect are the opening words on this strong new album from Jeff Beck; now 72, he rather disproves our belief that aging white men playing the guitar have little left to say and are mostly dull. This new album is neither dull nor lacking in interesting […]

Bat For Lashes: The Bride

  This remarkable album follows the story of a woman whose fiancé is killed in a crash on the way to the church for their wedding (complete with Leader Of The Pack-style sound effects). The bride goes ahead with the honeymoon on her own and the album reflects on meditation on love, loss, grief, and […]

Gemma Ray: The Exodus Suite

This late night, gothic CD sounds like it was made in another era, when albums were albums and twitter was only the sound that birds make. This is meant to be listened to as a complete work, like in the old days. Any fans of geology (or indeed Santorini) will appreciate track one, Come Caldera, […]