John Brown’s Body: Fireflies

We’re guessing this is modern reggae; they’re from Boston and call themselves “future roots music”. We like a bit of reggae but it’s (obviously) a tight genre, so we asked our local reggae fiend and he said they’re “making waves, an up and coming band”. They’ve actually been going 20 years so we guess this […]

Peter Hope: Wind Blown

Hope is best known as a composer of light music — his Ring Of Kerry is palatable and easy to listen to, so easy that it was used as test card music back in the day (you can find anything on YouTube). Petit Point is similar, the kind of music Monty Python would use in […]

Disturbed: Live at Red Rocks

Disturbed are led by David Draiman, a man with a loud voice and impressive showmanship, to the fore in this live show; he sounds as if he should be doing voice-overs for carpet or double glazing adverts. This live set reels off all the crowd-pleasers and, given that Disturbed has found a winning formula and […]

Cerrone: Red Lips

  Cerrone is 64 and he’s been quiet for a while but he’s back with this new album. Fans of Jacko who miss that classic disco era sound and thought it had gone forever are in for a treat. This is music from the time before disco became hundreds of genres, when house music was […]

James Whitbourn: Carolae Music for Christmas

Another Christmas album but like the Septura one last week, mostly not specifically for Christmas. It’s a choral album but Whitbourn is adept at taking magnificent music and making it listener-friendly; this could be music from 500 years ago, contemplating the Christian message and enormity of eternity but in Whitbourn’s hands it’s palatable for modern […]

Michael Bublé: Nobody But Me

Nobody But Me It’s Christmas! It must be time for the Bublé to release an album. Thankfully it’s not a re-release of Christmas, though having released it as a normal CD, then deluxe, super deluxe, super deluxe with bells, super super deluxe with whistles and tassels and super dooper deluxe best-ever honest (remastered) with free […]

Columbo: We Know Who You Are

At first listen, we though this band was either eccentrically brilliant or just eccentric. Anything that includes the hook from the Good The Bad And The Ugly and the classic theme from Rhubarb And Custard has got to be something to do with inspired. Maybe not actually inspired, but at least living next door. The […]

Saint Leonard’s Horses: Good Luck Everybody

This album will be a classic. You read it here first, so remember. Kieran Leonard (who is Saint Leonard’s Horses) has a cv to make you feel totally inadequate — he’s spent much his life travelling and the people he comes across recognise a unique talent: Ryan Adams let him use his studio, Stanley Kubrick’s […]

Kate Williams: Four Plus Three

Williams is the daughter of one of the world’s greatest guitarists, John Williams (a member of Sky for those with long memories), though given her own talent it would be appropriate to say that John is the father of pianist Kate. This latest project of hers combines a jazz piano trio with a string quartet […]

My First Christmas Album

If you’re looking for a Christmas album that the kids will like but won’t drive you up the wall, try this. It’s one of a series of Naxos CDs that try and introduce children to classical music, My First Complete Ring Cycle and My First Foray into Schoenberg’s Free Atonality being others. (OK, we made […]