Elizabeth Jordan and Lynsey Marsh: Mind Music

It’s a game of two halves in this approachable programme from Elizabeth Jordan and Lynsey Marsh (clarinets and basset horn, with the Northern Chamber Orchestra and Stephen Barlow). And it’s all in a good cause — profits go to Parkinson’s UK. The programme features music written and/or performed by people who either suffered from a […]

The Orwells: Terrible Human Beings

The Orwells occupy the ground somewhere between landfill indie and genius. Landfill indie, for those lucky enough to have forgotten, was a guitar-based rock of the lowest common denominator, designed to appeal to young lads on lager and with lyrics to match. The Orwells’ sound is that, and every song sounds a bit like something […]

Giacomo Carissimi: Eight Motets

Some church music is intended to instill awareness of the immenseness of infinity, some to sing along to and some to be reverential but pleasing, and this CD is in the last category. You could listen to it for its relaxed but respectful religious tones, or just play it to relax. Showing the timelessness of […]

Dutch Uncles: Big Balloon

This is Marple band Dutch Uncles’s fifth album. We thought we’d missed some early ones but it turns out we heard their first two, Dutch Uncles and Cadenza (both good, particularly the latter), and it was the next two that slipped under our radar. Not surprising: while Cadenza was quirky and charming, O Shudder (the […]