Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind: Super Natural

We’re not sure whether to hail this the finest rock n roll album of the year (including the ones yet to come) or a cult classic. While there’s melody aplenty, Jones makes Motörhead sound like Abba (“Motörhead will make your lawn thrive”), and early Dr Feelgood as gentle as softly falling snow. It comes howling […]

Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth

Not only are we amazed that Papa Roach are still going, we’re very amazed how good this is. Admittedly, that’s good in the sense that it’s generic melodic, loud stadium-filling cheesy metal. Parts of it could have been on their debut two decades or so ago, but if you accept it for it is, it’s […]

Franz Liszt: 12 Grandes Études

Liszt was one of the most remarkable pianists of all time, and were he alive today he’d probably be in a prog band, trading keyboard solos of fearsome technical complexity with someone like Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. Happily, interminably long and dull prog solos were still more than 100 years away when Liszt composed these, […]

Gorillaz:Humanz / Paul Weller: A Kind Revolution / Paramore: After Laughter

We’re lumping these albums together under the heading “stadium bands” because all we need to do is tell you they’re out. Oddly enough, we’ve never been fans of any: we never got Gorillaz, thought The Jam/Weller humourless (good singles, admittedly) and Paramore are the band we let the children like (they’ve got to have something […]

Mélanie Pain: Parachute

We’ve not come across Pain before but the Press notes say she has “left her pop-folk influences far behind”. Well, not all that far. This is a piano-based album that aims to be slightly arty and dreamy, with a minimalist sound. She sings in French throughout, the soft vocals part of the texture as much […]

Anteros: Drunk EP

Anteros (we assume it’s pronounced Ant-air-ross) are a London-based quartet playing indie pop/rock that channels the 80s. While nothing new, it’s fun and full of bounce, and plenty of hooks. The title track opens, about being drunk and in love, and doing crazy things. Drunk and happy or drunk and wearing beer goggles is never […]

Hunter and The Bear: Paper Heart

The Press release says this band are the “heroes British rock needs right now” and for once (music Press releases can be so gushing they make the Niagara Falls look like a park weir) it’s an understatement. Hunter and The Bear are unbelievably good and the band the whole world needs, never mind our small […]

Ophelia: Ophelia EP

Rebecca Van Cleave and Sam Taylor are singer songwriters in their own right and formed as a duo on the road, travelling along Florida’s Emerald Coast, as you do. (Van Cleave has been a body double in Game of Thrones, for that naked walk, we think). Van Cleave and Taylor claim musical influences from 60s […]

Plaitum: Constraint

Plaitum do one thing. They do it really well but it’s their one trick: if you’re in the mood for cavernous, grandiose electronic pop it’s really good. If you’re not, it’s a band doing the same thing for 40 minutes. As a debut album, it’s pretty impressive, though. The Press release talks about more modern […]

Johnny Lloyd: Eden EP

This is a few weeks old but still getting played daily in the Review Corner: it’s well worth checking out if you like quality pop. Lloyd was in Tribes, a band that existed from 2010-13 (they supported the Stones at Hyde Park), so he’s been around the block and learned his stuff. Opener Running Wild […]