In This Moment: Mother

An odd album, this, “drawing on spiritual and philosophical ideas, they have created a concept that transcends cultural and metal boundaries” said one review, by which we think they mean (“we just regurgitated a press release”) “threw in some covers of huge songs to make an album to sell a few more copies”. We’ve never […]

Courtney Marie Andrews: Old Flowers

This new album sees Andrews reflecting on a failed relationship, and the hurt caused has resulted in her best album to date. We played some of her older albums this week and they’re nice but not much more than that; this new one is crisp and tight, and while the songs are not really any […]

The Dave Ingham Group: A Sea Of Green

Quite often the first play for an album is on a weekend, doing the chores: “Good for doing the ironing to” never seems much of a recommendation and has never figured until now. But this new jazz album from the Dave Ingham Group is such a beast; really good for doing the ironing to, or […]

Danijel Cerovic: Silvius Leopold Weiss, Lute Works

Weiss (1687–1750) was a German composer and lutenist, who served at courts in Breslau, Rome, and Dresden, where he died. He was one of the most prolific composers of music for the lute, and one of the best-known, most accomplished and best paid lutenists of his day. He composed more than 600 pieces for the […]

Ben Avison: Lovers’ Leap

Avison has a gentle voice and writes gentle tunes, which means there’s a danger his songs could be merely bland. We receive albums that are so unutterably dull that we can think of nothing to say about them (good or bad) but this is not one. Although on a couple of occasions he does veer […]

Bosphorus Trio: Piano Trios (Turkish)

We like a bit of Turkish in the Review Corner. We went to a wedding in Istanbul (as you do, a chum married a Muslim) and did much for Anglo-Turkish relations by dancing energetically to Turkey’s top wedding banger, from Ömer Faruk Bostan. The wedding was just under the bridge on the cover of this […]

JoJo: Good to Know

  You know when you go on holiday and sit at a beachside bar, all chilled and happy, and listen to the feel-good RnB played over the radio? This is the sound of that music if it was good, the kind of album you’d bring home and play, and feel relaxed and happy by association. […]

Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands

The lad from Accrington hasn’t rushed this one: it’s an album he started 28 years ago. The title is a reference to the fact that numerous guest musicians perform, including Yes bandmates Chris Squire, Alan White and Steve Howe, as well as the likes of Ian Anderson, Steve Morse and Chick Corea. Thankfully the album […]

Larkin Poe: Self Made Man

Larkin Poe’s last album was, to put it kindly, a little unmemorable so we were totally not expecting the opening track on this new one: a huge, bluesy Led Zep meets Black Keys riff that needs to be played loud, from the opening high hats onward. Remarkably, they keep the standard up, more impressive because […]

Hari’s World (book)

Hari is a green elephant and his mission in life is to never let children forget safety, doing this via books, characters and hand puppets (we’ve got a Hari himself). The aim appears to be for parents to read the books to their younger kids and use the puppet to reinforce the message while making […]