Dream Wife

This debut album from Dream Wife is solid rather than anything new, but it’s a solid solid, and as they seem to be cool, we predict big things for this. Dream Wife are an all-woman trio (Rakel Mjöll on lead vocals, Alice Go on guitar and Bella Podpadec on bass), not named after an old […]

Django Django: Marble Skies

Django Django have a distinctive sound, the percussion and vocals at least as important as the quirky melody; drummer David Maclean writes and produces. The sound is novel, and their debut was quirky, catchy and appealingly different. But it’s a sound you’d not make a career of, and this new album seems them go off […]

Terry Riley: Palmian Chord Ryddle

Eventually we’ll get a classical CD that fans of more popular music can walk straight into; this is nearly it, but not quite. It’s interesting, though. Riley is associated with the minimalist school of composition (interlocking repetitive figures) and is influenced by jazz and Indian classical music, both of which are clearly on display here. […]

Ducking Punches: Alamort

Ducking Punches deserve to do well with this rather decent album; they’ve played 1,000 gigs say the Press notes, which is good going, and explains the tight sound. They play high energy and melodic indie rock, veering towards pop punk in places, and with enough quirkiness to make it appealing. The title is taken from […]

White Room: Eight EP

You know it’s a tight budget when your review copy is a CDR with hand-written track titles, but we can’t see the White Room being that cash-strapped for long. They don’t do anything original, but they do it well. The sound is somewhere between the dance-rock of Kasabian and the more recent psychedelic pop of […]

Echoes of Swing: Travelin’

Joyously cliched in places, this is a loving tribute to the old swing tunes, all with a travellin’ theme: Orient Express opens, with the piano and snare making a passable train impression before easy listenin’ sax comes in. As John Lewis nearly has it, this is never knowingly over-demanding and overall the quartet has the […]

Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra: Wintertide EP

We receive some albums as links to downloads, and they can go missing. Such is the case with this release, which to our embarrassment (admittedly not much) is a Christmas EP. Never mind, stock up ready for Christmas 2018, and it’s a nice EP if you ignore a few references to the season of Santa. […]

The Lovely Eggs: This Is Egglando

Should anyone make us rulers of England, our first act would be to give everyone in the realm a copy of this CD. In this post-Brexit North Korean Trumpian world we need some cheer and the Eggs are the ones to do it. Sure, there’s some swearing (one song is called Dickhead, another has the […]

Various: Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp

First of all what this is not: it’s mostly not folk music, despite the cover and it does not feature the works of Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies; the Super-Tramp of the title is hobo turned poet WH Davies. This double CD is sponsored by The English Poetry and Song Society and contains music by […]

Milburn: Time

Milburn were indie rockers from Sheffield who achieved moderate success as a band but found some degree of music trivia fame by asking their mates Arctic Monkeys to come as support on a 2005 tour. They didn’t last too long and have been resting for eight or nine years (various Milburns have played in the […]