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  • Bryde: Like An Island

    A lot of whether you like a song is down to the vocals: love the voice and you’ll like the music and vice versa (hence our apathy to Arctic Monkeys). Bryde’s voice is mesmerising and we love it. It’s strong but sounds vulnerable, and she reminded us of Paula Cole (Where Have All The Cowboys […]

  • Rationale: Rationale

    We were anticipative of contemporary hip hop but Rationale — real name Tinashe Fazakerley — is somewhat old school Rnb. Having been flummoxed by the lack of hippity hop, the album still left us slightly discombobulated (he started it, Rationale Fazakerley indeed): Fazakerley has a good voice, a soulful baritone that connects with the listener’s […]

  • ZZ Top: Tonite at Midnight

    Some live albums undergo more than a little studio engineering before hitting the shops; as one might hope with ZZ Top, they seem to have pressed “record” and what they played is what you get. The mix on opener Got Me Under Pressure sounds a bit raw and if a drum fill starts a fraction […]

  • Phil Collins: Dance Into The Light

    We confess to never having heard this album or any of its songs, and it’s possible that even if we had, we’d have forgotten them. It’s all a bit unremarkable, though it’s a pleasant album with several enjoyable songs. The downside is that it’s Collins at his slickest; unmemorable tunes with an unremarkable voice don’t […]

  • Phil Collins: Face Value / Both Sides

    It’s not quite up there with Blackadder going over the top or Del Boy missing the bar and falling over, but one truly great television moment was the opening episode of Miami Vice: Crockett and Tubbs drive down a waterfront road in a Ferrari Daytona Spyder, racing to a show-down. The soundtrack that made it […]

  • Terence Charlston: Mersenne’s Clavichord

    This pleasant album is more important for scholars of music and keyboard buffs than your casual listener, though it’s a nice enough collection. Early-music specialist Terence Charlston is playing Mersenne’s Clavichord, a clavichord built according to specifications left by Marin Mersenne – no examples of an original French clavichord survive. Wikipedia reports that Mersenne, a […]

  • Ordinary Boys: Ordinary Boys

    If ever there was a band that don’t sound like they’re reforming out of desperation, it’s Ordinary Boys on this rather decent new album. We confess we couldn’t name any of their tunes from their previous incarnation, though Wikipedia informs us that their big hit Boys Will Be Boys featured in the fifth Harry Potter […]

  • Thea Gilmore: Ghosts and Graffiti

    Much as Gilmore is respected as a singer songwriter, she left us a little unmoved. She’s respected in the folk world but she passed us by, at least until her last album Regardless which was packed full of sparkling pop tunes and deserved to do better than it did (which was #39 in the charts, […]

  • Gallows: Desolation Sounds

    We never liked Gallows much. They were a punk band that decided to be the most punk band ever, like Steve Irwin deciding being the Ozziest Australian. The music Press loved front man Frank Carter but now he’s gone, leaving to form an ill-fated venture that was “destined to change music” but disappeared without trace. […]

  • Chilly Gonalez: Chambers

    After being mean about three new bands, we’re slightly down on Chilly as well, and we’ve got all his albums. Never mind: he’s Canadian, so he’ll just be polite about it. You’ve all heard Chilly’s music: he won a Grammy for his collaboration with Daft Punk and composed the inaugural Apple iPad campaign music, Never […]