Blink 182: Nine

This is Blink’s ninth album. We’ve bought most of them, but this will be the last; they’ve become formulaic and lost all their wit, declining over the last few albums. There is some Auto-tuned vocals too (for Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, replaced Tom DeLonge); we’re pretty sure their younger selves would have mocked this, back […]

Boy Jumps Ship: Wake Up

Opening song Burn on this debut from the British four-piece suggests a heavier rock band than the album delivers; it’s a verging-on-heavy melodic rock tune with some nice solo guitar. It reminded us a little of lamented Norwegian rock band Span, who played accessible heavy rock. But as we say, it’s a fake start; the […]

Ordinary Boys: Ordinary Boys

If ever there was a band that don’t sound like they’re reforming out of desperation, it’s Ordinary Boys on this rather decent new album. We confess we couldn’t name any of their tunes from their previous incarnation, though Wikipedia informs us that their big hit Boys Will Be Boys featured in the fifth Harry Potter […]