Django Django: Marble Skies

Django Django have a distinctive sound, the percussion and vocals at least as important as the quirky melody; drummer David Maclean writes and produces. The sound is novel, and their debut was quirky, catchy and appealingly different. But it’s a sound you’d not make a career of, and this new album seems them go off […]

Milburn: Time

Milburn were indie rockers from Sheffield who achieved moderate success as a band but found some degree of music trivia fame by asking their mates Arctic Monkeys to come as support on a 2005 tour. They didn’t last too long and have been resting for eight or nine years (various Milburns have played in the […]

Tom Hingley and the Kar-pets: May Contain Nuts

A Christmas present for Inspiral Carpets fans, this is a tribute band by the band’s real singer, similar to From The Jam the other week: the covers of hits sound much better when the voice is familiar. May Contain Nuts is a live multimedia DVD/CD where Hingley and his band the Kar-Pets (presumably the Carpets […]

Pet Shop Boys: Yes

This is PSB’s 10th album and it’s the latest in a series of reissues that we’ve been enjoying. We were never massive PSB fans, the early singles aside (though we have seen them live, and surely no-one actually dislikes the Boys) but being sent albums to review, we’ve been impressed at the intelligence and diversity. […]

Camille: Oui

An album we’ve spent so long listening to, we’ve written 10 reviews mentally; the fact that’s proving so hard to write anything down is itself a review, and perhaps not a terribly good one. It’s not a bad album by any means. It was recorded over a year in La Chartreuse, a 14th century monastery-turned-artist’s […]

Catholic Action: In Memory Of

Catholic Action were first heard on a sampler EP the other week and we were very impressed: about as good as indie gets. After playing the album, we find they’re a band of two halves — the good stuff, and the less impressive, routine indie-by-numbers. Landfill indie is back. Which band they are will only […]

Stefan Orins Trio: The Middle Way

The Stefan Orins Trio has gigged extensively, which means a tight band and each player understanding the others. If we said this was a modern jazz album written by a pianist, you might have an expectation of what it would sound like, short on melody, lots of piano, a little technical. It is these things […]

Kate Williams: Four Plus Three

Williams is the daughter of one of the world’s greatest guitarists, John Williams (a member of Sky for those with long memories), though given her own talent it would be appropriate to say that John is the father of pianist Kate. This latest project of hers combines a jazz piano trio with a string quartet […]

Shuya Xu: Nirvana

Unlike the Schubert also reviewed this week, this is not easily accessible and should be approached with caution. You need some expertise in the handling of classical music to deal with it, and probably gloves. This is modern music, and as discordant, erratic and as dramatic as you might wish. Xu Shuya graduated from Shanghai […]