Busted: Half Way There

For the first couple of tracks we thought Busted were trying to reinvent themselves as a British Blink 182 — the opener has echoes of songs such as Blink’s I Miss You, and Busted sing over the riff in the same way as Blink. But this cutting edge doesn’t last long and it soon calms […]

Busted: Night Driver

  The surprise is not that this is pretty good but the fact that they’re still going — a pop band whose debut came out in 2002. Charlie Simpson has gone into metal and acoustic pop and is now in the band Once Upon A Dead Man while Matt Willis released a decent solo album […]

Ordinary Boys: Ordinary Boys

If ever there was a band that don’t sound like they’re reforming out of desperation, it’s Ordinary Boys on this rather decent new album. We confess we couldn’t name any of their tunes from their previous incarnation, though Wikipedia informs us that their big hit Boys Will Be Boys featured in the fifth Harry Potter […]