Cerrone: DNA

Cerrone, who like a Brazilian footballer just has the one name, is possibly someone you never heard of but you’ll know what he did. He has sold more than 30m albums but only had one real hit, Supernature, back in the 70s. But along the way he helped invent electronic dance/disco, the kind with a […]

Cerrone: Red Lips

  Cerrone is 64 and he’s been quiet for a while but he’s back with this new album. Fans of Jacko who miss that classic disco era sound and thought it had gone forever are in for a treat. This is music from the time before disco became hundreds of genres, when house music was […]

The Best of Cerrone Productions

There’s a number of cheesy disco hits we always lump together, nowhere near as cool as Donna Summer’s I Fee Love but classics in their own right, such as Space’s Magic Fly and Cerrone’s Supernature, both 1977. (That year is more likely to be remembered for punk, yet I Feel Love was probably even more […]