Hawklords: Six

The whole Hawkwind / Hawklords thing is a bit of a problem: if you’ve liked the space rock mothership nonsense since 1823, when Dave Brock first strapped on a guitar, you like what you know and want what you like, and this is it. The rest of us, maybe not so. Hawklords feature former Hawkwind […]

Betsy: Betsy

“The new Cher” say some of the reviews, and that’s not just the sound. The feel of the whole CD harks back to an era when a woman could have a ship’s gun between her legs and not get mocked on social media. The sleeve art is Betsy wearing tight tops in a garage-based scenario […]

Clare Howick / John Paul Ekins: Violin and Piano Recital

This CD from Howick (violin) and Ekins (piano) features music from Elgar, Bridge, Delius, and Scott, with Elgar (Violin Sonata and Mazurka) opening and closing the programme. The Review Corner used to work in Malvern and tramping the hills on a windy autumn day, the wind blowing the top of the grass, was ideal for […]

Gabriel Latchin Trio: Introducing…

This is jazz you can listen to over and over, a palatable mix of the modern and old. It’s lively, crisp, and got swing, while retaining a kind of after-dinner feel. While the playing is proficient it’s never showy and while there are solos, it always feels like an ensemble piece. Latchin is a pianist […]

Prince: Purple Rain

Is this deluxe reissue of Prince’s classic album worth getting? Doh. Of course it is. The album contains classics such as When Doves Cry and Let’s Go Crazy, and this remastered version comes with recordings “from the vaults”, single versions of the album tracks and a live DVD. Fans of Prince who bought the album […]

Pet Shop Boys: Release

Although we were fans of Pet Shop Boys back in the day (and have seen them live, the Review Corner males being the lone representatives of straight men in Manchester Apollo) we’ve missed their latter albums so this, the first in a series of re-releases, was welcome. The Review Corner’s pet PSB fan says this […]

Starsailor: All This Life

Starsailor were one of those bands that did well for a time when melancholy indie was popular, a time when Keane could mysteriously sell millions of records and vapid clichés (musical and lyrical) were enough to get a number one album. Starsailor sounded like they knew who Coldplay were and what rock was, they just […]

Gun: Favourite Pleasures

Gun, from Glasgow, are best known for their hit cover of Cameo’s Word Up. But they formed in 1987 and have kept going, releasing nine albums, Favourite Pleasures being the tenth. As a melodic hard rock album, it’s impossible to fault, and we’re really enjoying it, which is, after all, the point. This style of […]

Fantastic Negrito: The Last Days of Oakland

Xavier Dphrepaulezz (pronounced De-Frepple-Ez) is about the most interesting musician you could come across, and now he’s got a successful enough album that it’s out on a major label, after an initial release a year ago. Last Days is out on Cooking Vinyl, after coming out on Fantastic Negrito’s own Blackball Universe. The UK label […]

Joseph Parsons: The Field / The Forest

This is a hard album to review. It’s not an album to write about; it’s an album for someone who buys one album a month and takes time to savour it, getting to know all the songs and developing favourite moments. Parsons is a singer/songwriter, but has a full band. He’s in the same ballpark […]