Fictonian: (Desire Lines)

We often wander the webbershpere, checking out other reviews, and we’ve never read such twaddle as was being written about this. We must have read half a dozen meandering reviews by people with nothing to say. It’s possibly the audience he’s aiming at though: his Press release talks about spending time in a Fictonian reality […]

Them: Complete Them 1964-1967

Stealing their name from now long-forgotten London band, Shorty and Them (“Nobody’s going to hear of us London” figured young Ivan Morrison), Them are the band with which Van the Man first made his name, though not much cash (“It was a weird situation to be famous and broke — it’s one thing being broke […]

Johnny Cash: Man In Black Live in Denmark

The highlight of this CD is possibly not the Man In Black himself but a tune that later featured in Quentin Tarantino’s best film. This CD (it was originally part of a DVD) was recorded in 1971 for Danish television, which explains the self-censoring line “son of a bleep” at the end of Boy Named […]

Thus Owls: Black Matter

  We often wondered about why experimental / arty band Liars kept going but now we know — it was to inspire others with their creepy (and often unlistenable) electronic experimentation. Black Owls take the scary experimentation of Liars and make it more palatable, though this is still unsettling music in places. Thus Owls are […]

Kagoule: Urth

This isn’t what we were expecting, which was some kind of organic indie: Kagoule are far more ambitious than that and this is an impressive debut. Despite being from Nottingham, Kagoule’s heads are over in the US, their sound being that underground rock the Americans do so well, somewhere between Californians Incubus and Billy Corgan’s […]

Percy Grainger: Music for Saxophones

This isn’t what you might expect from Grainger, at least if you only know Percy for his jaunty arrangements of sea shanties that are played at the Last Night of the Proms. There’s a little bit of said jauntiness towards the end but mostly the sound reflects Grainger’s fondness for folk songs and early music. […]

Johnny Marr: Adrenalin Baby Live

Live albums can be a bit hit and miss: usually the studio versions are better (though not always — Neil Young live and in the studio is equally interesting). In this case, Marr live is better than in the studio, at least for his solo work. His debut solo album (The Messenger) was a little […]

David Guetta: Listen Again

For many a long year, we thought The Associates’ Party Fears Two was the worst record ever made but we now know this is not correct. The honour goes to Mr Guetta for the abysmal Clap Your Hands. An irritating dance beat opens the track before an annoying man intones: “If you’re happy and you […]

Carson Cooman: Liminal

According to Wikipedia, liminality is an anthropological term (from the Latin word limen, meaning a threshold, but you knew that, right?), “the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will […]

Eternal Summers: Gold And Stone

  We don’t like being negative about music — to write even a half-way decent tune is very hard — but this pop indie album did nothing more than fill us with apathy. There’s nothing to set it apart from any other indie album from a band with jangly guitars and a female vocalist. We’re […]