Tag: country

  • Margo Cilker: Pohorylle

    Unusual name, unpronounceable album, gloomy cover: we weren’t expecting much from this but it’s great, and it’s her debut, too. She’s a working, touring musician and the album is inspired by her experiences on the road. At heart it’s rootsy Americana but she draws in other influences. Keyboards are provided by the Decemberists’ Jenny Conlee, […]

  • Nils Landgren and Jan Lundgren: Kristallen

    You wait, as they say, ages for an album of modern chamber music and then two come together, this and the Salt House album (folk, if you can’t be bothered clicking). Landgren (trombone and vocals) and Lundgren (piano) play similarly organic music to Salt House, and while it is jazz, it’s got an intimacy that […]

  • Paul Weller: Other Aspects, Live At The Royal Festival Hall

    For many bands the obligatory album with an orchestra is a sign they’ve run short of ideas, their egos are too big or they’re dead. For Weller not only does it work — his songs suit gentle string arrangements — but it takes his music to a different place, that place being St Tropez, about […]

  • The Barr Brothers: Sleeping Operator

    We reviewed this a few weeks ago but it’s out now and we’re mentioning it again because it’s so good. In fact, with the releases from this week (see this page) and last — Jackson Browne, Josh Pyke — you could spend all your CD pocket money for the year and not regret it. In […]