Courtney Marie Andrews: Old Flowers

This new album sees Andrews reflecting on a failed relationship, and the hurt caused has resulted in her best album to date. We played some of her older albums this week and they’re nice but not much more than that; this new one is crisp and tight, and while the songs are not really any […]

Courtney Marie Andrews: May Your Kindness Remain

Her previous albums have been noteworthy simply because she has a nice voice, and sometimes that’s all you need. This new one is deeper and slower, and while it takes more time to get used to — it’s not pop — it’s ultimately better. In a coincidental echo of the Basil Athanasiadis album (see this […]

Courtney Marie Andrews: On My Page

  There’s a couple of albums that have stayed on the Review Corner iPod for ages (Keri Noble’s 2004 album Fearless is the longest survivor); at heart country, they are also bluesy ballads sung by women with crystal clear voices. They don’t advance any genres or break new ground. They’re just strong albums of nice […]