Turnstile: Time And Space

A bit like Wille and the Bandits last week, the familiarity of this was instantly comforting, at least if you like punk/rock and some screamo/falsetto vocals. Ok, so you’ve got to like loud music to appreciate this but it’s so much more than whatever you first think it is. It reminded us of Beastie Boys, […]

Betsy: Betsy

“The new Cher” say some of the reviews, and that’s not just the sound. The feel of the whole CD harks back to an era when a woman could have a ship’s gun between her legs and not get mocked on social media. The sleeve art is Betsy wearing tight tops in a garage-based scenario […]

New Order: Music Complete

We can’t have been alone in wondering how New Order’s first new album without Hooky would sound and here’s the answer: a classic. We remember Hooky talking about Waiting for the Sirens’ Call and his basic critique on any track was how much of his bass there was. He’s an iconic player but any band […]

Thirteen Strings Chamber Orchestra: Beck: Symphonies Op.2

The title suggests orchestra but the music here is played by Canada’s Thirteen Strings Chamber Orchestra, which, as its name suggests is 13 strong (plus conductor Kevin Mallon). The result is a tight performance of these works, producing a pleasing CD. Franz Ignaz Beck was composing just before the “classical” period and the works performed, […]

Stone Foundation: A Life Unlimited

Brass, soul and Hammond organ: to people who like certain types of soul, this album’s mix of these sounds is probably preferable to a cosy night in with their spouse. Opener Beverley (which perhaps unavoidably has echoes of the Zutons’ Valerie in the chorus) is sublime soul, with strings, brass, Hammond and smooth vocals. It’s […]

Ratatat: Magnifique

This is definitely a grower; one play is not enough to start to appreciate its charms, and for several plays we were planning to dismiss it as a little bit annoying (a feature of their earlier work, apparently). As a rough guide, it’s quirky electronic dance/pop that sounds like it should be on French label […]