Leonardo Balada, Clarinet Works, Caprichos Nos. 6and7 / Double Concerto

  Barcelona native Leonardo Balada’s work has been labelled “Dalí’s surrealism in music”. (According to the sleeve notes, the great artist said of him: “I consider the young composer, Mr Leonardo Balada, to possess a remarkable talent!”). The release notes say this is an aspect of his work explored in this programme “through the technique […]

Antje Weithaas: Schumann Violin Concerto

This was one of Schumann’s last major compositions, and should perhaps be called “the doomed”. It remained more or less unknown for more than 80 years after it was written, because violinist Joseph Joachim, for whom it was composed, suspected it revealed the composer’s madness (bipolar, probably). Then, as the sleeve notes explain, it was […]