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  • The Twang: If Confronted, Just Go Mad

    The Twang date back to the indie “The band” explosion, along with fellow Thes View, Pigeon Detectives, Wombats, Fratellis, Kooks et al, an era of poor bands and sloppy tracks; Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong didn’t even get to release their finished album, despite us getting a review copy, probably because of a […]

  • Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind: Super Natural

    We’re not sure whether to hail this the finest rock n roll album of the year (including the ones yet to come) or a cult classic. While there’s melody aplenty, Jones makes Motörhead sound like Abba (“Motörhead will make your lawn thrive”), and early Dr Feelgood as gentle as softly falling snow. It comes howling […]