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  • Michael Bublé: Nobody But Me

    Nobody But Me It’s Christmas! It must be time for the Bublé to release an album. Thankfully it’s not a re-release of Christmas, though having released it as a normal CD, then deluxe, super deluxe, super deluxe with bells, super super deluxe with whistles and tassels and super dooper deluxe best-ever honest (remastered) with free […]

  • Josh Groban: Stages

    We know from visits to the States that Groban is massive over there (top-selling artist in 2007, and according to Wikipedia, 22m of his 25m sales are in his homeland). His semi-operatic / semi-pop music sells by the ton. Over here, his baritone renditions of his own and others’ tunes compete against similar known quantities […]