Mmoths: Luneworks

We’ve been bathed in a warm sea of happiness this week in the Review Corner, thanks to some lovely music across several genres. Mmoths’ Luneworks is one. Yes, it’s ambient, which too often denotes hoochy Zen background music sold in wacky shops that believe lumps of rock can make you emotionally stable. Or Clannad. Ugh. […]

Stuart McCallum: City

Although Manchester guitarist McCallum’s album is out on Naim Jazz (his second on the label), this is more a soul album than jazz. The more jazzy sections are on the verge of being easy listening, though they stay the cool Pat Metheny side, rather than going all Bob James. It’s a chilled, late night album, […]

Portico: Living Fields

Portico used to be Portico Quartet and played jazz; we’ve got their third album and it’s rather beautiful mood music that combines jazz and electronica, with a splash of world. Now they’re a trio and have not only dropped the Quartet but dropped the jazz and the world — this is pure electronica. It’s a […]