Henge: Attention Earth

We lamented over people complaining about the lack of new music in the Sons Of Bill review but Henge is an even better example: they’ve invented, or lest re-invigorated, a whole genre of music. It’s music like you’ve never heard before but it’s also instantly likeable. The basic sound is space rock, though as it […]

Field Music: Open Here

We guess you can either write tunes to make money or write what you feel you need to, sod the market and keep your self-respect. Field Music are in the latter camp; from what we can gather brothers David and Peter Brewis make minimal money from their music but have accumulated a back catalogue to […]

Slug: Ripe

As soon as we heard this, we thought: Field Music. And we couldn’t have been more right. Slug is, who plays bass in Field Music’s touring band (which means we’ve seen him a couple of times). Field Music’s Brewis Bros lent Black their studio and produce/play. Fans of Field Music should buy this as it’s […]