Morganway: Morganway

At the start of their career are Morganway, a six-piece from East Anglia; success surely beckons. Founded by twin brothers Callum (vocals, guitar, bass) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar, backing vocals) they sound like they’re from California, about 1976 … down on the surf, just after those Fleetwood Mac fellows from England switched from blues […]

Ophelia: Ophelia EP

Rebecca Van Cleave and Sam Taylor are singer songwriters in their own right and formed as a duo on the road, travelling along Florida’s Emerald Coast, as you do. (Van Cleave has been a body double in Game of Thrones, for that naked walk, we think). Van Cleave and Taylor claim musical influences from 60s […]

Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night

You should all have heard this, or parts of it. It was the Mac’s second-best selling album after Rumours and some of the tracks are as well-known as the Rumours classics — Seven Wonders, Caroline, Tango in the Night, Little Lies and Family Man among them — so there’s not much to say on the […]

The Head and the Heart: Signs of Light

Fans of The Head (as we hope they’re called for short) are rather critical of this, saying it’s a sign the Seattle folk-rockers have sold out. Some reviews even use the dreaded M-word. Yes, Mumfords. All we can say is that a member of the Review Corner had an early Head CD which was a […]

Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold — Songs From the Vault

This is a collection of Nicks’s tunes, the ones she had just lying around and it’s, well, a Stevie Nicks album. Despite the fact that the tracks are from various years (between 1969 and 1987), it holds together well as a body of work. Recorded in Nashville with a group of session players (including Dave […]

Andy Burrows: Fall Together Again

Our main reaction to this was “Good on yer, son!” Burrows has been gaining in confidence since leaving Razorlight, first with tentative acoustic material then a decent-but-lacking-confidence full solo album. Now this, which is impressive. The lad’s fulfilling his potential at last. Fall Together Again is a sunny pop album. It would be stretching it […]