Stefan Orins Trio: The Middle Way

The Stefan Orins Trio has gigged extensively, which means a tight band and each player understanding the others. If we said this was a modern jazz album written by a pianist, you might have an expectation of what it would sound like, short on melody, lots of piano, a little technical. It is these things […]

Spectrum Orchestrum: Suburbs

There is nothing more likely to warm the hearts of the Review Corner than a polite email from a Frenchman asking if we would review his band, especially when the forthcoming EP (though it’s long) subsequently turns out to be lovingly packaged with an imaginatively designed sleeve. Prelude opens the EP gently and is slightly […]

Quartet Base: Le Diapason

Another release on the French Circum-disk label, Quartet Base is a jazz outfit that, like Troyka, seems to rely on some degree of improvisation, and, again like Troyka, seem a band capable of a little humorous mischief. This is an album which we’d guess is avant-garde jazz, though the sound is varied. It opens with […]