Phil Collins: Plays Well With Others

Who knew he’d played with so many people? And himself — by the definition of the title he counts playing with himself as worthy of inclusion, with half a dozen or so Collins songs, including In The Air, live. He did once say drumming was all in the wrist action. The CD is like Collins’ […]

Will Joseph Cook: Sweet Dreamer

We can see young Will (he looks about 12) carving out a nice career among people who like well-crafted tunes from cool singer-songwriters; the kind of act that fills Manchester Apollo without bothering the charts much. A nice living if you can do it. The songs are all neat and crisp, well produced but not […]

Live: Rewind, Capesthorne Hall, August 2015.

It was party time at Capesthorne Hall over the weekend as the latest of the now-annual Rewind festivals was held at the Siddington stately home. The event, which had a daily capacity 20,000, was sold out as thousands of fans of the 80s legends descended on Capesthorne in a range of fancy dress outfits. The […]