Morganway: Morganway

At the start of their career are Morganway, a six-piece from East Anglia; success surely beckons. Founded by twin brothers Callum (vocals, guitar, bass) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar, backing vocals) they sound like they’re from California, about 1976 … down on the surf, just after those Fleetwood Mac fellows from England switched from blues […]

Jesse Mac Cormack: Now

It’s always interesting what one album makes you listen to: after this it was Duke Special, aka Peter Wilson, a songwriter from Belfast, we turned to.  Duke Special is not a household name; Jesse Mac Cormack, similarly a solo bloke who sounds like a band, with synth supplying percussion and instrumentation, is probably heading for […]

While She Sleeps: You Are We

This is metalcore, a genre of music in which talented musicians who can play to a high standard and have a great singer deliberately reduce their potential audience by adding screaming and grunting. Go figure. It’s their career, but always baffles us. (Like a talented genius writing music reviews for a weekly newspaper and … […]