Georgie: Live!

Georgie is new to us; we guess she has a devoted fanbase who love her bluesy vocals. This is an acoustic set, recorded live at Trinity Church, Nottingham — she’s from Mansfield so it’s practically a home-coming gig. It’s all about the music. Georgie delivers minimal and deadpan chat between the songs. “This is a […]

Blood Red Shoes: Get Tragic

Blood Red Shoes are — and we’d forgotten they existed — one of those indie / alt rock bands who never quite hit the premier league; never quite as good as Foals or Bombay Bicycles, but still pretty decent. Their fans probably wonder why they’re not bigger; their last tour played Manchester Gorilla. From what […]

Alexandra Stréliski: Inscape + Chilly Gonzales: Solo Piano III

Classical piano albums aimed at the masses are like buses: you wait ages (after Chilly Gonzales’ last one and James Rhodes’s Bullets and Lullabies) and then two come in the same week. Without being gender-biased, we’d say Stréliski goes for the emotion, Gonzales for the brain: Stréliski’s is for those who wish all piano was […]

Island: Feels Like Air

Island (they style it ISLAND) are a cool indie band with a young fanbase. You can tell the fans are young because we Googled some reviews and many of them made no sense, students thinking their thesaurus is more important than writing a coherent review. We love it. We discovered Island by mistake: we’d gone […]

Meadowlark: Postcards

We’ve loved Meadowlark’s advance tracks (a couple of EPs, maybe a download) beyond logic. You know when you just love a band for no real reason and play a track over and over? That. They are good, mind, but we are most definitely fans. So, they’re not getting a moderate review, let alone bad. We […]

Jaws: Simplicity

Jaws are a cross between shoegaze, stoner rock and The Cure. They have the same kind of upbeat tempo but downbeat sound that The Cure do well; it’s possible they know this because the opening couple of bars of the first song are almost a Cure-clone but it’s the most Cure-ous moment on the album […]