Elephant Sessions: What Makes You

Elephant Sessions’ claim to fame is that they blend trad folk (they’re from the Highlands) with indie rock, which means they have an electric rhythm session, plus electronic dance beats, and mandolin and fiddle. Peak Elephant Sessions is possibly the bit in Colours where it all drops down to an electronic kick drum and ambient […]

Jess Glynne: Always In Between

And the mystery of Jess Glynne continues. Mystery because the sleeve art and lyrics suggests a deeply insecure woman who battles with failure, yet she’s had seven No1 singles, more than any other British female artist. I Cry When I Laugh, her last album, released in 2015, is still the 51st best-selling album in the […]

The Kooks: Let’s Go Sunshine

“Consider the lilies” said Brian in Life of Brian only for a member of his audience to heckle, “He’s having a go at the flowers now”. We feel the same about The Kooks; what can you say? The music might be bland but they’ve made a career and have got a strong fanbase who doubtless […]

Gentleman’s Dub Club: Dubtopia

The sleeve is more reminiscent of a space rock band like Ozric Tentacles, but Gentleman’s Dub Club play reggae. Chemical stimulants may feature as widely in their audience’s leisure time as with the Ozrics, admittedly. If the sleeve is a bit misleading the name is not: Gentleman’s Dub Club dress like gents and play, if […]