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  • A world of pure imagination

    Thousands of festivalgoers began to descend on Scholar Green, on Friday (17th August) for the annual weekend of extraordinary escapism. And as the 2019 edition of the Just So festival at Rode Hall proved, it gets bigger and better each year. Just So promises a secret and joyous world — offering parents and children the […]

  • Skinny Lister: The Devil, The Heart, The Fight

    Roaring drunk in Hamburg. Locked in a bunker in Berlin. Tearing up the road in New York and Tokyo. Dreaming of Cairo. Originally recorded in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. They get about. We saw these live at Rode Hall’s Just So festival in 2016 (we think; possibly 2015). This album was put together while they were on the […]

  • Rob Richings: Parka and Boots

    Sometimes you want to forget about seminal and influential albums and listen to nice music. The CDs that have the most legs with us are just good songs — Crash My Model Car and Martin John Henry might not have sold many albums but they get played a lot in the Review Corner. We were […]

  • Skinny Lister: The Devil, The Heart, The Fight

    Londoners Skinny Lister beat the listener into smiling submission; it’s impossible not to find something to like or a toe to tap on this raucous and lively album. The sound: imagine if Frank Turner played punk sea shanties. They’ve got the same earthy folk sound as Turner but with added concertina and tin whistle. The […]

  • Day At The Lake

    The clock was turned back over a century at a local beauty spot this weekend as its heyday as the Blackpool of the Potteries was recreated. Wild Rumpus, organisers of the Just So Festival, took over Rudyard Lake over the weekend and laid on the entertainment that Potteries workers would have enjoyed in the mid-1800s, […]