Tag: Manchester

  • Harp and a Monkey: The Victorians

    This is a joy of an album, something a little different and with plenty of interest for the listener. The title seems to be from the fact that they’re from Manchester and sing of tales from the city’s industrial history; they’re a band that tells stories set to music. The cover sleeve is a peppered […]

  • Django Django: Marble Skies

    Django Django have a distinctive sound, the percussion and vocals at least as important as the quirky melody; drummer David Maclean writes and produces. The sound is novel, and their debut was quirky, catchy and appealingly different. But it’s a sound you’d not make a career of, and this new album seems them go off […]

  • The Slow Show: Dream Darling

    If The Slow Show’s music was in a film it would a rom com, as the hero walked away into the sunset after finally splitting up with the girl he still loves; as the camera followed him into the middle distance he’d give a little happy skip because, hey, life’s not that bad really. This […]

  • Postcards From Jeff: Modern Language

    We quite liked Postcards From Jeff’s EP last year; we thought they were American but now discover they’re from Manchester (so know “quite liked” means “really liked”). This full-length collection of tunes sees us part happy and part a little disappointed: they create dreamy indie rock/pop and do it well but they don’t wander much […]

  • I Am Kloot: Live – Hold Back The Night

    We think it’s true to say that we were staggered about how good this album was. It’s maybe not Elbow but it was certainly as good as them in parts and reminiscent of Sniff And The Tears. They particularly reminded us of an Irish band called Aslan, who are big over there but not so […]