Gorillaz:Humanz / Paul Weller: A Kind Revolution / Paramore: After Laughter

We’re lumping these albums together under the heading “stadium bands” because all we need to do is tell you they’re out. Oddly enough, we’ve never been fans of any: we never got Gorillaz, thought The Jam/Weller humourless (good singles, admittedly) and Paramore are the band we let the children like (they’ve got to have something […]

Against The Current: In Our Bones

We don’t know much about Against The Current, but we’d guess they’re going to be massive, playing catchy commercial music as they do, and with a rapidly growing fanbase. They started on YouTube, playing covers, then released a self-funded EP. Now they’re signed to Fueled By Ramen, home to slick bands such as Gym Class […]

Marmozets: The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

Marmozets are two sets of siblings, who formed the band while at school. They still have an average age of 18. If you’re the same age and want a band that’s “yours”, these are going to press all the right buttons: loud and fast, full of spunk, and with the right mix of metal, shredding, […]