Tag: Pomona

  • Mark Hodkinson: That Summer Feeling (book)

    This gentle story is a modern follow-up to those kitchen sink dramas of the 60s, angry working class northern men living in poor accommodation (or with parents), dealing with the social taboos of the day. Those angry lads grew up to be the grumpy pensioners of this book, and their descendants are now as frustrated, […]

  • Black Sedan: Adventure Lit Their Star

    This is an odd but interesting album: it’s a “collective” project orchestrated by Yorkshire-based journalist and author Mark Hodkinson and sees him bring together five vocalists and 30 musicians to create what is probably a bit of a Marmite record. His previous bands / albums include Black September, a rather fine indie effort that has […]

  • Reinhard Keiser: Pomona

    If you’re looking to get into opera, this fairly simple piece is a good place to start. We suspect opera buffs would dismiss it as lightweight froth; the Review Corner doesn’t particularly warm to opera yet we’ve enjoyed it. It’s a gateway CD: get into this and heavier opera will seem more palatable. The plot […]