Arcane Roots: Melancholia Hymns

Arcane Roots’ debut album Left Fire is one of our highlights of the last decade: loud, ambitious prog/math rock with tons of melody. Follow-up album Blood and Chemistry ditched the melody in favour of more complex but less tuneful prog, with some screaming thrown in. This new album reels back on the full-on prog but […]

Muse: Drones

You should all know what Muse sound like; this album is more of the same but stripped down. There is Muse’s normal pomp and glamour but it sounds as if the three piece could have got somewhere close to doing this as live takes. The proclaimed theme of the album is drones, specifically the ones […]

Rob J Madin: Cracked Shattered and Pop

And then there are albums that utterly defy classification. Madin is best known for his comedy creation Brett Domino, who does slightly geeky musical comedies — he’s got 20 million hits on YouTube and did a Comic Relief song. He’s also C-Bomb, a slightly geeky dubstep producer in Sheffield, who had a pilot television show. […]

Mew: + –

It’s a week of bands we don’t know much about, Death Cab aside. Mew have apparently released a number of albums, though we’ve never come across them before. Plus Minus is an odd mix of sounds: it’s prog but on the subtle side, with none of the thundering complexity so beloved of some bands in […]