Xylaroo: Sweetooth

After reading the biog, this is not what we were expecting. The sisters that make up Xylaroo are from Papa New Guinea and now live in London, via Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and we were expecting something a bit world, but opening song, Track A Lackin’ is a rollicking country tune. It […]

The Ramona Flowers: Part Time Spies

This album is an odd mix of cool electronic dance and 80s synth pop: one minute it sounds like a tune from Rob da Bank on the radio (or think Delphic), the next a Duran Duran B side. Opener Dirty World is not bad, despite having an intro that melds Kim Wilde’s Kids in America […]

Duran Duran: Paper Gods

Simon Le Bon makes it so easy to mock Duran Duran, so much that we (generally as a nation) forget what a good band they are and also (we specifically, in the Review Corner) that Save A Prayer, one of our favourite tunes, is from as strong a pop album as you’ll get Rio. If […]