Phil Collins: Plays Well With Others

Who knew he’d played with so many people? And himself — by the definition of the title he counts playing with himself as worthy of inclusion, with half a dozen or so Collins songs, including In The Air, live. He did once say drumming was all in the wrist action. The CD is like Collins’ […]

Robert Plant: Carry Fire

We’ve been giving Robert Plant money for 40 years, so we’re rocking out around the zimmers to this (and it’s the 200th review we’ve written this year, go us!). A decade or so ago, we read that Plant expected to lose his record deal and sell purely to his fanbase; then came Alison Kruze and […]

Various artists: The Long Road

This has to be one of the coolest charity records ever made. Instead of various boy bands you’ve never heard of mixing with a few big names to produce ear wax that’s at least in a good cause, this is a genuinely good mini album. And Robert Plant is on it. ROBERT PLANT. The Long […]