Chamber Eroica: Symphony No.3 Explored

If you dislike “classical” music because of the reverence it provokes — that whole sitting in awe at the greatness of the music thing and bring on the garage punk — then Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 is arguably the cause of it all. A ground-breaking work, it marked the start of the Romantic period in classical […]

The Subways: The Subways

It must be quite good being in The Subways. Despite being mocked by the NME, they probably have a solid fan base who will buy the album, pay to see them and then buy lots of merchandise. So they make a living from music without the hassle of being stopped in Tesco by weird people. […]

Roxette: The 30 Biggest Hits XXX

Roxette are one of those bands about whom we know nothing. This was quite a surprising fact: we asked other people, who knew equally little: they just had lots of good tunes and there was two of them. Someone suggested that the woman had a nice hairstyle; someone else remembered that a song was in […]

The High Dials: In The AM Wilds

Like Trophy Scars (see elsewhere), The High Dials are hard to review, because the album is so meaty: you need lots of listens to appreciate it. The High Dials are more poppy than the post-hardcore lot but both would score 9/10 if we did such things; The High Dials is one of those albums that’s […]

Trophy Scars: Holy Vacants

When you load this into iTunes the genre is given as “punk”, which is a bit like saying Gilbert and George draw. The album is about (wait for it) a conspiracy theory surrounding the Nephilitic gene. The album revolves around the tale of two lovers who discover not only that the blood of angels contains […]

The Best of Cerrone Productions

There’s a number of cheesy disco hits we always lump together, nowhere near as cool as Donna Summer’s I Fee Love but classics in their own right, such as Space’s Magic Fly and Cerrone’s Supernature, both 1977. (That year is more likely to be remembered for punk, yet I Feel Love was probably even more […]

DeStijl: Something Wicked This Way Comes

The backstory to this band is (sadly) slightly more interesting than the CD. Pascal DeStijl is a musician and artist from France, who now lives in Manchester and Montpellier. He works for magazines, musicians and commercial companies, producing edgy designs. The band was formed in France in 1995 by DeStijl and John Cleary, bassist. Subsequent […]

Christmas Joy In Full Measure: Various

This was obviously planned some months ago, but we got it too late for Christmas. Bad planning, someone. Still you can buy it now for next year. The backstory is that record label Hand Of Glory records asked 12 artists for an original Christmas song. Presumably they left the remit wide open, because the songs […]

Ratworld: Menace Beach

Someone, somewhere must have said something wise about music constantly reinventing itself and this is the latest incarnation of shoegazy, scuzzy, distorted guitar pop. Teenagers who are new to all this will find this to be exciting and moshpit friendly music; older musos who’ve heard it all before will find Menace Beach entertainingly enthusiastic and […]

Team Me: Blind As Night

This is a proper mix of styles and influences: think Arcade Fire covering Kate Bush by way of a generic American pop punk band. The first time we played it through it all just slipped by, but it’s not an album you can half-listen to. We’ve warmed to it via successive plays. Opener Ride My […]