George Dyson: Choral Symphony / St Paul’s Voyage to Melita

This enjoyable CD is made remarkable because it was written by Dyson as part of his DMus of Oxford, conferred in 1917. The work was unknown before researcher Paul Spicer found it in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Born into a working-class family in Halifax, Dyson became one of the most important musicians and composers […]

Vivaldi: Sacred Music, Vol 4, In Turbato Mare Irato

  Another CD in the “nice for Christmas without being Christmassy” vein, and you can impress your friends with your erudition, saying: “Ah, yes, Vivaldi, seen as a one-hit wonder because of his big album Four Seasons but actually a prolific composer across a variety of genres”. The cover’s got Latin on, too. Antonio Vivaldi […]