The Regrettes: How Do You Love?

We like getting excited about new music, but there does come a point where you’ve heard it all before. The Regrettes do what they do well, a catchy bubblegum rock/pop-punk but it’s nothing new and bands like this come, briefly dazzle and disappear (The Pipettes? Black Kids? That other band whose name we forget?) California […]

Delta High: Superfluidity

This is an album that closes with a song called Hey Ho Rock ‘n’ Roll: Delta High have perhaps realised that triumph and disaster are both impostors, to misquote Rudyard Kipling, and just want to have fun. Delta High take in a variety of sounds and styles. The band’s Neil Jackson — who lived two […]

Disturbed: Live at Red Rocks

Disturbed are led by David Draiman, a man with a loud voice and impressive showmanship, to the fore in this live show; he sounds as if he should be doing voice-overs for carpet or double glazing adverts. This live set reels off all the crowd-pleasers and, given that Disturbed has found a winning formula and […]