John Smith: Hummingbird

Smith has always seemed to be the musician’s musician: the people we know who like him are musicians. We tried one of his albums once, but it was a little too workmanlike (sorry, “critically acclaimed”). This new one is much better, evidenced by the fact that we’ve been sent a review copy. They must be […]

Stick in the Wheel: Follow Them True

This is the most likable folk album you’ll ever hear; with punk folk already taken they need a name for the genre they have created. It’s not punk in sound, but they take traditional folk and modernise it, with distorted guitar, tapes and Auto-tunes, without losing the folkiness. If wandering troubadours remained in existence, this […]

Lau Decade: The Best of Lau (2007-2017)

Lau are one of folk’s supergroups and Aidan O’Rourke, Kris Drever and Martin Green have been playing together in this format for more than a decade – the album title notes the period since their first full album release, Lightweights and Gentlemen. This being folk, where the audience connection is strong, they asked their fans […]